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Ko Soe Htet

Chief Executive Officer

Our Story

Our vision is to educate the people of Myanmar.

We believe that open and compassionate education holds the key to the future education for the human race to move forward intellectually and peacefully.

We also believe that education is the foundation of everything and learning is a very complex system. Therefore, we are trying our best to give out the resources for everyone to learn what they want, following the open education approach by creating videos for anyone who wishes to learn what they want in life, without boundaries.

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About ConceptX Application

ConceptX is an online learning platform focus on the grade 11 courses to improve the education system of Myanmar. The courses are taught by experienced instructors graduated from the United States, Thailand, and Malaysia

Each chapter of the math classes are carefully categorized into theory and example parts explain by two different instructors to get the best quality content for the students. We explain different types of exam questions according to its difficulty. As a bonus, grade 11 math course includes free textbook for the students.

We believe that memorization is a waste of time, therefore we carefully choose a special type of math problems from easy to difficult ones by explaining thoroughly for the students to understand the concept at all cost instead of memorization.

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