Terms of use

These Terms of Use ("Terms") were last updated on 2nd February 2019.

ConceptX vision is to educate people in Myanmar and to show our culture around the world through education. Our mission is to have the affordable education at all level of people in Myanmar. Therefore, we create quality educational courses in Myanmar language focusing on matriculation exams hoping to break down the barriers of (1) expensive education (2) low-quality educational content, and (3) not easily accessible, for our users. Our platform and services need to be safe for you, us and our community, therefore, we need rules. These Terms shall apply to all your activities on the ConceptX website, the ConceptX mobile applications, our TV applications, our APIs and other related services (“Services”).

If you live in Myanmar, you agree to these Terms through the binding contract with ConceptX and to resolve any disputes if ever happens.


To use most of the activities on our platform, you will need an account such as purchasing the courses, bookmarking the courses, viewing the classmates and refilling the wallet using the payment codes. You must provide a complete and accurate information of phone number, name and email address during account registration and while updating the account bio. You have the full responsibility on whatever happens to your account for someone using your account without your permission which states that you need to be extra careful with your password. You must not transfer your account to another person or use other’s account without their permission, and we will not provide the account you contacted to us unless you could provide enough valid login information for that account. In case of death of the user, the account will be closed.

You will have to take your own responsibility for anything that might happen if you share your login account information with anyone, and there will be no association with ConceptX. Notify to our Tech Teamimmediately if you suspect anyone using your account without your permission.

To use our platforms and Services, students must be at least 14 years of age. If you are younger than the required age, we strongly advise you to get help from your guardians or parents to open an account and enroll courses. Your account will be terminated if we identify that you do not meet the required age.

Instructors’ account must be at least 18 years of age on ConceptX, otherwise, the account will be terminated if we could identify it in any kind of ways. Instructors’ accounts are opened by us (ConceptX) which means that the users cannot register as an instructor, and all the users are considered as students.

Your account can be terminated by following these steps. See our Privacy Policywhat happens when you terminate your account.

Course License and 1-Year Access

Through ConceptX, if an instructor publishes a course, then a license and certificate(s) depending on the course (not every course has a certificate) will be granted along with the published course to the students. Most courses have a license of 1-year access, but it depends on the agreement between ConceptX and the instructor. For some courses, you will have to take physical exams to get the certificate after taking the online course work from ConceptX platform and Services. This can view under our Instructor Agreement. Whether it is free or paid courses, you are granted with the license of the course from ConceptX. With this license, you do not have the right to resell, redistribute, share on any type of platforms or social medias, illegally downloading the course, any kind of screen recording or video recording.

For any paid or free courses, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to have a viewable access for your own personal, educational and non-commercial use. You have to be very aware that it is strictly prohibited to reproduce, redistribute, share, rent, lend, sell, modify, edit, transmit, broadcast, live, record, assign, adapt, derive the work, reshoot similar as your own, rewrite as your notes or books, sublicense, transfer, content access from any of our APIs and use of any kind that could violate the copyright law unless we grant you a special permission in a written agreement signed by the Managing Director of ConceptX.

For the courses, we would generally give a 1-year license for the students who enroll. However, we take the right to terminate any license to access and the use of the courses at any particular time if we find the users or we decide that it was due to the violation of the legal or policy reasons; example, if the course you enrolled in is concern with copyright violation, or if violates our Trust & Safety Guidelines. Add-on features, and services related with the courses of the 1-year access such as quizzes, homework, exams, textbook and other resources in pdf or some videos that are not directly related with the course content may be disabled by the instructors at any time whenever the instructor decided to.

No instructors should grant licenses to the students directly to have access of their courses and any such direct license shall be terminated and a violation of these Terms.

Pricing, and Payments


The prices of courses on ConcepX are determined by the agreement between ConceptX and instructors based on Instructor Agreementand our Pricing and Promotions Policy.

The price may include taxes such as sales tax, goods and services tax, or value added tax that is applicable to consumer sales as we are responsible for collecting and paying the tax to the proper tax authorities.


You are agree to pay the fees for the courses you purchase through Xcode (code to refill digital money to buy courses only from ConceptX) or through the payment systems of third-party payment and mobile wallet. Third party payment would be categorized into four main types (1) through the mobile carrier (example MPT) (2) through bank transfer (example AYA) (3) through mobile money services (example Wavemoney), and (4) through debit or credit card.

From payment options (2) and (3) you have to make the payment through those services of our accounts and send us the receipt of the payment through Viber or messenger to get the ConceptX money code.

For any payments you choose, you agree to pay the courses fees. If the payment is by debit or credit card, then you authorize us to charge your cards. Check out our Privacy Policy for your payment information security.

You shall provide the valid information or authorized payment method. For any causes of failure in your payment, you will not get the access to the course you are trying to purchase.

Content and Behavior Rules

You shall not use the services of ConceptX account for any unlawful purposes. Your use of Services on our platform must follow the national laws and regulations of your country. It is your own responsibility to be in compliance with the national laws and regulations.

The services allow the students to make a review on every course they take after they have completed a certain period of time depending on the courses.

If we notice in any means that the course you are taking violates the law or the rights of others (example, violation of intellectual property) or for any violation of inappropriate use of our courses and brand, or if we notice any fraudulent or illegal activities then we may remove you from our platform. ConceptX is in compliance with copyright laws, please see our Intellectual Property Policy.

If any of our instructors plagiarize anyone’s work or your work, then please let us know. We require intellectual property rights of others under our Instructor Agreement, please see our Intellectual Property Policy

ConceptX’s Rights to Content You Post

An instructor always owns its courses, but ConceptX may reuse or share it on any of our platforms and Services. An instructor should understand the course licensing terms of the Instructor Agreement.

If you make reviews to the courses, we may use or share it with anyone, distribute it and promote it on any platform, and social media, and use in videos or even commercially so as to improve our ConceptX platform under the legal laws and rights of Myanmar.

Using ConceptX at Your Own Risk

ConceptX shares the profiles of instructors and students publicly, so any information you input in your Bio is your own risk, because we do not control you. If you contact with other students or instructors through the profile information (example, phone number), then it is your own risk and responsibility for what you share with them.

You have the full responsibility for any courses you purchase to enroll.

All the instructors are not hired by us, therefore; apart from the certain instructors working under us, we will not take any responsibility for any causes happen between students and instructors.

ConceptX’s Rights

Anything (comment, feedback, reviews, and suggestions) submitted through all the ConceptX platforms and Services (example, website, and applications) from anyone (including our employees) will be entirely voluntary and they are the property of ConceptX.

ConceptX platforms and services are protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws of Myanmar. You have no right whatsoever to use the brand name, brand features, logo, domain, and trademarks of ConceptX.

The following statements should not be done while using ConceptX platform and Services:

  • You should not use any kind of screen recording applications, software running in the background or video recording using other devices of the ConceptX courses.
  • You should not use any automated means, this includes the use of robots, to access our Services.
  • You should not even try to attempt to get other user’s access, spam, send viruses or anything that might create a burden on our Services.
  • You should not even attempt to copy, modify, and create the source code or content of the ConceptX platform or Services.

Miscellaneous Legal Terms

Binding Agreement

The registration and access or the use of our Services in any means make an agreement for the legal binding contract between you and the ConceptX. Do not register, access or use our Services from any platforms if you are not comfortable to agree with our Terms.

This legal agreement between you and ConceptX tells that you have understand the Terms thoroughly. If any issues ever happen, then English language provided for the Terms will be in control. These Terms also apply for the instructor as well.

These Terms are an entire agreement between you and us even if you are an instructor, see the Instructor Agreementand the Pricing and Promotions Policy.

If we found a violation of these Terms by laws, then we may take actions, however, if we are delayed for any means, that does not mean that we have waived you; but we may act in the future.


No responsibility will be taken by us for the lack of our Services caused by anything that we cannot take control of such as wars, natural disaster, electricity, internet, telecommunication, or government laws.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms we have agreed are governed by the laws of Myanmar, and if anything happens, it should be stated in the court of Yangon, Myanmar under the laws of Myanmar.

Legal Actions

Based on this Terms and Agreement, no legal actions will be taken on either parties if the issues have been left for over a year.

Relationship Between Us

We and you have an agreement that there is no relationship of partnership, joint venture, contractor (may or may not), employment (may or may not), or agency between us.


You have no right to transfer these Terms and to grant course license to others to use your courses under the Terms you have agreed from your account. If you are an employee, you should not transfer your account to another employee. You agree that your account is not transferable and should be terminated upon your death.

Dispute Resolution

This Dispute Resolution section applies only if you live in Myanmar.Please try contacting our Support Team, before starting as a legal case.

For any cases to be resolved concerning with our terms, please try contacting our support team first, if the problem is not resolved with our support team, then we may have to resolve the issues according to the national laws of Myanmar.

Changes to Our Terms

Since we check our Terms from time to time, we may update or modify our Terms. Any changes, updates, and modification to our Terms will be immediately posted on our Website(s). By comparing the date, you previously read this Terms with the “These Terms of Use (“Terms”) were last updated on” at the top of this document, you can know whether any changes or updates are made to our terms. We will notify you appropriately according to legal requirements if we make a material change to the Terms. Continue using our Services means that you have read and understood the latest version of our Terms. Make sure to check our Terms from time to time to get the most current version.

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